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Toronto Party Bus Service is the most recognized luxury party bus organization within the greater Toronto area, with incredible party buses, efficient and fast service, and the best prices, it's no wonder we're so well known at being the best. Our expert staff are ready to help you if you are organizing almost any affair. A few of the activities in which we concentrate on are sporting events, bachelor / bachelorette parties, wedding ceremonies, pub crawls, and wine samplings to name a few, so we'll be in the position to supply you with any of our fabulous party buses for your gathering. Our team of industry experts are able to handle just about any event or schedule. Ever since we have started conducting business in Toronto, we have developed several relationships with business and club managers in order to offer our customers a memorable experience during your function. Toronto Party Bus Service gives you the best experience for the most reasonable price

There is no better vehicle company in this city! No other business pays attention to detail when it comes to amenities and features. Every vehicle comes standard with leather interior, beautiful LED lighting from floor to ceiling, at least one granite topped bar, and all of the electronics and gadgets that one could dream of. What other companies will consider deluxe features, we make sure are standard in all our buses. With such as vast fleet as ours, you'll find very quickly that no matter what event you're planning, or what your style is, you will always be able to find the perfect vehicle for your special event right here at Party Bus Toronto.

We care about our customers and do everything in our power to ensure that they have an unforgettable experience when they do business with Party Bus Toronto. We start with a great staff dedicated to your happiness, which yields to party buses that are all state of the art, and highly luxurious, these are only driven by highly trained chauffeurs that we hand pick. Put all of that together and you get Party Bus Toronto, the finest luxury party bus company in Toronto, no doubt about it.

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We've been in business for quite a few years now and we've come to know the most popular events that our customers request us for. We can do it all, whether it's something traditional and expected or something very modern and impossible to slap a label on! We believe firmly that there is no event out there that isn't made better by some really mind blowing group transportation. Our party buses are the finest in our metro area and we are really proud to offer them up for your exciting and enticing events!

WEDDINGS - Weddings have got to be our top event, the most elegant event of them all, and the perfect reason to hire a crisp white bus or two to take your whole wedding party to the wedding venue and reception hall in style! Our wedding service comes complete with red carpet service and champagne, so live it up in the most elegant style with our sophisticated buses!

BACHELORETTE PARTIES - Note: If you book your bachelorette party at the same time that you book your wedding, you will receive a special discount! That's our way of thanking you for being such a loyal customer. While we've already told you how elegant and beautiful our buses are for your wedding day, we also offer wild and crazy vehicles that are just ideal for an amazing girls night before you tie the knot! Head out with all your girls, maybe start off with a spa day and then let it evolve into a night on the town!

PROM & HOMECOMING - If you're a parent of teens, you know that there's a lot of concern over distracted driving and texting and driving during these big events in their lives. When you rent them a party bus with a professional chauffeur, you get to relax the night away completely worry-free while they just feel completely spoiled! They will be so grateful to you for being the best parent in the world, but you get the benefit of knowing that they are totally safe and protected on the road! Treat them, treat yourself! It's a win-win!

NIGHTS OUT - Hitting up all the hot night spots in town is one of the best reasons to rent a party bus. This way, you can visit multiple bars and restaurants without having to worry about who the designated driver will be. You can have one too many drinks and still know that you'll get home in one piece. You can feel like a real celebrity or a VIP when you pull up in a classy party bus or limousine, glitzing it up and putting on the ritz!

CONCERTS & SHOWS - Everyone knows that some music therapy is the way to unwind after a long work week, but sometimes the journey out to the concert venue is more hassle than it's worth. So much traffic, those long lines for parking, and then there's the long drive home. With us, you'll enjoy any time spent in traffic and you'll be dropped off and picked right up at the door. The drive home is an absolute joy too!

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