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Our Party Bus Fleet

Below you'll find only a small sample of our fleet of luxury party buses, but it encompasses everything that our company stands for, and exactly the kind of quality you would expect from Party Bus Toronto. All of our vehicles exhibit the same traits shown below, however, with the vastness of our fleet, all of our buses are also very unique and customized. When you do give us a call, schedule an appointment to see our complete fleet. That way you will be able to hand-pick the party bus that's perfect for you and your group.

40 Pass Toronto Limo Bus

Great for those big time groups out there, this bus comes standard with high end features that all our buses have.


Leather seating, and a built in bar make this one luxurious and elegant ride.


You'll find built in HDTVs, massive audio systems, and all the gadgets you need.

35 Pass Toronto Party Bus

This gorgeous 35 passenger party bus is like a rolling luxury night club! With hardwood accents, and...


elegant dark blue leather seating, as well as comfortable dividers with cup-holders in between


each seating area gives all of the passengers a taste of the true VIP treatment that you deserve.

35 Pass Party Bus

Being such a popular size, we just had to be sure to have two of them. But, we wanted each to have


a personality of their own. This one has a much lighter interior, and is set up with two little champagne


tables to give your most distinguished guests a seat of honor should they desire it

30 Pass Party Bus

This 30 passenger party bus is an amazing accompaniment to any event! With a opulent black


leather interior that is accented by a reflective ceiling back lit with fiber optic color changing


mood lights, you'll find this classy and flashy party bus a great choice regardless of the function!

26 Pass Party Bus

If you have an event that is perfect for a party bus, we have a perfect party bus for you! This 26 passenger is one of the smaller choices in our fleet.


However, it's not small on features, fun, or fantastic luxury. If you're looking for a great party bus for your smaller group, this is your first option!

56 Pass Coach Bus

Sometimes, you just need to get everyone there. For those times, we have our 56 passenger coach bus.


Not as elegant, but still a classy and very comfortable way to get a LOT of people around town or, across the country!